EOP Audio Recorder

Category: Assistant Tool Update: 2014-12-2
Type: Independent Process Version:
Size: 1.49M License: Freeware
System: Windows XP\Vista\7\8\10

EOP Audio Recorder Introduction

EOP Audio Recorder is free recording software for computer, it can clearly record the sound from the system and the sound from microphone, and it can output the sound to be MP3 format.

EOP Audio Recorder is the recording software especially developed by EOP development team for EOP lovers who can share their piano audio or video works. Using EOP Audio Recorder, you can convert your piano works to be MP3 format and share them to your friends and family.


Main Features of EOP Audio Recorder:

• Support to record the system sound;
• Support to record the mixed sound from microphone and system;
• Support to tune up or down the sound;
• Support to set MP3 quality of sound;
• Support multi-language.
• Support to open,play and tune MP3 music;
• More ...

EOP Audio Recorder
The solution for not finding the stereo equipment in Win7 system:

1. Right click the mouse on the Horn icon at the down right, choose "Recording Devices";
2. Click "Recording" tab, right click the mouse on the empty area, choose "Show Disabled Devices";
3. Right click the "Stereo-mixing", click "Enable” and "Set as Default Device";
4. If you do not find the "Stereo-mixing", which proves your  sound card driver is not the newest version, please update it.

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