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EOP Metronome Setup Hints and User Guide

EOP Metronome

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EOP Metronome Introduction

EOP Metronome is a device which can tap out rhythm—every tick of the metronome is one beat. It is the best rhythm aid for beginners to play the piano. Manually adjusting the rhythm speed can help the learners to play the piano more steadily.


With EOP Metronome in daily practice, the learners will gain a better control of rhythm as they play, which is of help for forming a good habit. It is especially beneficial for beginners because that for beginners it is difficult to keep a steady tempo when they play the unfamiliar music. In this phase, they can use EOP Metronome to keep a slow tempo. And as you are getting more and more familiar with the music, you can increase the tempo by adjusting the metronome.

Main Features of EOP Metronome:

1. Heighten the sense of rhythm

EOP Metronome can be set to confirm the exact tempo of the music, so that you can establish a keen sense of rhythm and grasp the right timing. It is a highly suitable tool for novice.

2. Stabilize the tempo and guarantee even rhythm

You can use EOP Metronome to check whether the speed of the music you are playing is faster than that of the beat.

3. Focus attention and improve efficiency

The tick of the metronome can effectively prevent distraction and improve your efficiency.

4. Lay solid foundation of piano-playing and help recite the music score more accurately

Supervised by the metronome while practicing variations, you can better memorize the music score since every note will be embedded in your mind as the metronome ticks. And every finger will be able to get enough practice even the fingering is the same.

5. Build sense of accompaniment, piano duet and concerto

You should learn to be a good listener while using the metronome, which is much like playing music with a meticulous friend - you have to carefully count the beat so that you can be in tune with him.


Usually, Everyone Piano and EOP Metronome can run at the same time on most computers. However, on some computers with different configurations, you may come across the problem that only one of them can make a sound. In this situation, you need first check if the ASIO4ALL emulation driver has been properly installed in Everyone Piano. If it has, you can solve the problem by changing the output device for Everyone Piano to default sound card.

EOP Metronome Setup Hints and User Guide

How to Install EOP Metronome?

1)Run Everyone Piano->Plugin->EOP Metronome.

2)In the "Plugin Download" pop-up window, click "Download" to download and install EOP Metronome.

3)When the download process is completed, click "Run" to use the EOP Metronome.

If you need to use it in the future, you do not have to reinstall it, just run Everyone Piano->Plugin->EOP Metronome.


Note: If there is not the EOP Metronome in the plugin list, please click the menu Help ->Update, then you can update the software to be the newest version.

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