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EOP Follow Me Introduction

EOP Follow Me is short for following me to play the music with Everyone Piano. It is a powerful piano teaching tool, and it is also the only one supporting tool globally to enable music lovers to learn the piano in one minute even they have no basic information on piano.

Humanized settings allow you to play the beautiful music following the hints of this tool. It has the automatic teaching function, even you have zero information on piano, you can still play the music step by step followed by it. From now on, EOP Follow Me will become the essential supporting tool for piano beginners. It can effectively activate the learning passion and everyone can quickly get into the world of piano. From this moment, piano will not become so unattainable.


For beginners, you do not have to master the stave and numbered musical notation information; you do not have to get familiar with any music theory even do ri me fa so la si, you can also easily play the piano. The purpose of EOP Follow Me is to enable everyone to play the beautiful music with keyboard, and help piano lovers make their pianist dream true.

 For piano professional learners, not matter children or adult, it helps them solve out the puzzle that has already perplexed them for a very long time. Highly cost effective Everyone Piano+EOP Follow Me+Externally Connected MIDI Keyboardare just like inviting the piano teachers into your house. Iterative music playing, pertinent accompaniment, clear fingering instructions and massive score support free you from the puzzle that you can not follow the teaching speed of class teaching; you can not develop the interest with a strict teacher. From now on, your piano learning efficiency is just like sitting on the rocket. 


EOP Follow Me

Main Features of EOP Follow Me:

• Support loading the EOP file with one button.

• Support separate practice with left and right hand, quicken the speed of piano practice and improve the ability of left and right hand cooperation.

• Support personalized accompaniment for pertinent practice.

• Support etude demo play.

• Support adjusting the playing speed.

• Support customizing the color of the note.

• Support externally connecting the MIDI keyboard, heighten the playing skill.

• Attach a mass of EOP teaching music files with different difficulty.

• Enormous music preparation for future practice.

• Help learners master the playing skill and reduce the trouble of rudiment.

• Clean interface design enables piano playing not boring.

• Support switching skins dynamically.

• More...

EOP Follow Me Setup Hints and User Guide

EOP Follow Me Setup Hints

1) Run Everyone Piano ->Plugin ->EOP Follow Me.
2) In the "Plugin Download" pop-up window, click "Download" to download and install EOP Follow Me.
3)When the download process is completed, click "Run" to use the EOP Follow Me.

If you need to use it in the future, you do not have to reinstall it, just run Everyone Piano->Plugin-> EOP Follow Me.

Note: If there is not the EOP Follow Me in the plugin list, please click the menu Help ->Update, then you can update the software to be the newest version.


EOP Follow Me User Guide:

1. Run Everyone Piano ->Plugin ->EOP Follow Me, open the EOP Follow Me.

2. Load EOP Music:
Solution 1: Click the EOP file (EOP Follow Me) at the right bottom of the EOP Follow Me, load the EOP music you want to practise.
Solution 2: Click the Open List (EOP Follow Me)at the right bottom of the EOP Follow Me, double click the EOP music based on the music difficulty(support adding more EOP music personally).

3. Set the follow speed via the Speed Setting at the right bottom of EOP Follow Me(EOP Follow Me)(You are advised to practice the slow EOP music at the very beginning)。

4. Click the Left and Right Hand icon to set the practice mode, there are four modes: Right Hand Practice (only the left hand will play automatically); Left Hand Practice (only the right hand will play automatically); Both Hands Practice; Automatic Playing EOP.
5. Click the Play button on the right (EOP Follow Me), follow the time base to practice.

6. When you begin to practice the EOP music, you need to open the Everyone Piano software and EOP Follow Me at the same time, this way you can better play the music with Everyone Piano and watch the time base of EOP Follow Me.

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