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I Know Him-Hamilton OST

Singer/Author:Lin-Manuel Miranda
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I Know Him-Hamilton OST Introduction

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I Know Him is the 10th song of Act Two of Hamilton, as well as the 33rd song of the musical. King George III finally hears the news of America's presidential election, and when he finds out that John Adams will be the next president, is in awe and shock that Adams would be chosen based on past impressions of him.

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The Lyrics of I Know Him:

They say
George Washington's yielding his power and
Stepping away
Zat true
I wasn't aware that was something a person
Could do
I'm perplexed
Are they gonna keep on replacing whoever's
In charge
If so who's next
There's nobody else in their country who
Looms quite as large
John Adams
I know him
That can't be
That's that little guy who spoke to me
All those years ago
What was it eighty-five
That poor man they're gonna eat him alive
Oceans rise
Empires fall
Next to Washington they all look small
All alone
Watch them run
They will tear each other into pieces
Jesus Christ this will be fun
Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da
Da da da dat dat da ya daaaaa
President John Adams
Good Luck

I Know Him-Hamilton OST Stave Preview

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I Know Him-Hamilton OST Numbered Musical Notation Preview

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I Know Him-Hamilton OST EOP File

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