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Sailboats-Sky Sailing

Singer/Author:Sky Sailing
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Sailboats-Sky Sailing Introduction

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is a song by Sky Sailing, a project by Adam Young. It was included in the first album An Airplane Carried Me to Bed.

, was first released under another project 'Seagull Orchestra' but was re-recorded and changed somewhat for release under Sky Sailing. The title of the album was also taken from this track, the lyrics for which can be heard at the start of one of the verses in the song.

The Lyrics of Sailboats:

Sailboats wish that they were stars
Floating softly in the sky
Among our dreams that bid goodbye
Moving through transparent space
Drifting through the stratosphere
And onward 'till they disappear
These continents from overhead
Look like tiny paper shapes
Intricately set in place
Below the misty mountain clouds
There's a lovely silver bay
Where sunset sailors often hide away
Scooba diver in the lock
Speedboat driver in the dock
Sailplane pilot in the blue take me up there with you
The world looks brighter from this high altitude
I was walking through the trees
wish that they were
And I was swimming through the sees
they don't know who they
I was falling through the air
When it hit me right there
My eyes are tired
I don't even care
An airplane carred me to bed
Where I slept above the coast
And dreamt I had become a ghost
I sail above the frozen peaks
Deep in cold cathedral caves
Across the hills and far beyond the waves
Take the car on the run
Fly the jet to the sun
And bring the spacecraft in soon
While I play chess with the moon
I feel like sleeping through this cold afternoon
Once in 1964
they wish that were
An actress ran on the shore
they don't know who they
And though you'll never return
I love you Audrey Hepburn
Sometimes I can see your face in the crowd
There are sailboats throughout this brilliant sky
But you cannot pick them out if you can't fly
I'm glad the Earth doesn't care If I go up there
If you want to just ask me and I'll take you along

Sailboats-Sky Sailing Stave Preview

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Sailboats-Sky Sailing Numbered Musical Notation Preview

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Sailboats-Sky Sailing EOP File

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